Late Bloomer
Late Bloomer arrives to pasture

Late Bloomer, CowParade North Carolina’s 80th cow, is looking for a forever home, a place where she can be put to pasture! Interested in meeting Late Bloomer? Learn more >>

Cows in Public
Cows find forever homes in public areas

Many of the CowParade North Carolina cows have found forever homes or long-term pastures in the Triangle and beyond. See where our cows are grazing now by visiting our Cows in Public page. Visit your favorites and post your photos to our Facebook page.

CowParade Kick Off
Have you “Herd”? Auction raises $300,000 for N.C. Children’s Hospital

The “Battle for the Cattle,” CowParade North Carolina’s gala auction, took place on February 2, 2013. It was a “moo-velous” event that raised $300K+ for N.C. Children’s Hospital! Thanks to all our buyers!

Birtha, also known as the
Meet the Cows!

Visit the Cow Gallery to view a glamour photo of each cow and learn more about the artists and sponsors behind them. The Studio Photos (360) Facebook album offers 360-degree photos of the cows. Check ‘em out, and leave your comments!

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