Since the founding in 1999, CowParade has held events all over the world. With over 75 cities and 200 million attendees, the Cow Parade offers a chance for artists within the surrounding areas to join and display with beautiful creations. All the famous cities including Rome, Madrid, Paris, and the United States have all held their own Cow Parades with North Carolina lucky enough to host this worldwide event.

As the largest public art exhibit in the world, Cow Parade featured 80 painted cows in the whimsical form created by artists both amateur and professional across the region. With life-sized figures, this 120 lb. fiberglass cows are created across the country to make their debut and be showcased all year round.

Previously, the CowParade event held in North Carolina in 2012, streets, parks, and stores were offered as a free museum of artistic cows. Visitors also found several cows throughout the greater region that spread throughout the state of North Carolina.

With over $30 million raised for non-profit organizations, the CowParade North Caroline’s charity beneficiary is the Children’s Hospital at the University of North Carolina. The Cow Parade North Carolina showcases all the important aspects of the region like art, agriculture, and ecotourism of the state.