Meet the Artists: Elizabeth Arzani and Suzy Hannon

Cows & Sponsors

Number of cows created: 1

About Elizabeth Arzani and Suzy Hannon

Elizabeth Arzani and Suzy Hannon are the proud artists behind the creation of Ciao Bella Uno, sponsored by CowParade North Carolina.

Suzy Hannon and Elizabeth Arzani are both UNC-Charlotte students who, once upon a time, shared a studio together while taking a painting projects course taught by Maja Godlewska. Without Maja’s encouragement and “you can do it” attitude, Ciao Bella would not exist today.

This project was a collaboration between studio-mates and made possible by other artists who very graciously donated supplies.

Arzani has a BFA in painting with a double minor in art education and art history. Hannon graduated from CMU in 1978 and has gone back to school at UNCC to fulfill her passion for drawing and painting the figure.

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