Meet the Artist: Freeman Beard

Cows & Sponsors

Number of cows created: 2

About Freeman Beard

Freeman Beard is the proud artist behind the creation of two cows, Daisy and Durham Traveler, sponsored by ABC11-WTVD and Wells Fargo respectively for CowParade North Carolina.” align=

Freeman Beard grew up in a rural setting in North Carolina, gaining an appreciation for the beauty that was all around him. While attending the Ringling School of Art and Design, he had the benefit of outstanding teachers who provided him with tools for a life of expressing his creative thoughts.

For Beard, painting is an attempt to capture the color, mood and truth of a subject—whether that subject is the mist hanging on the side of a mountain, the color of a flower, or water rushing over a boulder in a mountain stream.

He and his wife, Marcia, live in Durham, N.C., and his studio is located at Golden Belt. His paintings can be found in private and corporate collections around the country.

Websites & Social Media

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