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About Heather Gordon

Heather Gordon is the proud artist behind the creation of Binary Bovine, sponsored by Johnson Lexus of Durham for CowParade North Carolina.” align=

Starting in 2008, I began new work drawn from my interest in forms of communication. In particular, I’m attracted to how information is recorded and transmitted, stored and shared, interpreted and encoded. Much of this work involves converting data from its original analog (written text and audio) to digital (binary strings of 1′s and 0′s).

In the simplest terms, my work is about absence and presence. Information becomes meaningful through the perception of difference. Sound is comprehensible because of surrounding silence. The Ones become legible in relationship to the Zeros.

I am interested in the perceptual moment when information becomes meaningful rather than illegible and incomprehensible data. Where does the quantity and quality of data intersect to create valuable meaning? Can specificity of communicative form reliably represent legible and meaningful content?

Heather Gordon is an artist and artist Liaison at Golden Belt in Durham, studio #133.

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