Meet the Artist: Jenn Hales

Cows & Sponsors

Number of cows created: 3

About Jenn Hales

Jenn Hales is the proud artist behind the creation of Aqua Cow, La Catrina and the Milky Way (sponsored by Wells Fargo, Howard Merrell and Partners, and Johnson Lexus of Raleigh respectively) for CowParade North Carolina.” align=

My name is Jenn Hales,and I’m a designer and artist living in Raleigh,NC. I grew up in an earth-sheltered home near Apex,N.C.

As a child I spent my time reading books and examining bumble-bees in the front yard. My family didn’t have a TV, so I drew the creatures I saw in nature and in my imagination. Later, I moved to Ohio where I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in industrial design.

I’ve worked as a toy designer at Hasbro, a footwear designer at Columbia sportswear,a design researcher at Insight Product Development, and a welder in the art and scenic department at SAS institute.

I run Patina by Jenn Hales, an illustration and design studio that emphasizes locally made design and sustainability.

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