Meet the Artist: Mary Stone Lamb

Cows & Sponsors

Number of cows created: 3

About Mary Stone Lamb

Mary Stone Lamb is the proud artist behind the creation of KowBR, sponsored by KBR Building Group, and North Cowalina State Woof and Sir Walter Cowleigh, sponsored by Wells Fargo, for CowParade North Carolina.” align=

Mary Stone Lamb earned her baccalaureate degree at Penn State and a Master’s degree in design at Arizona State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design. She practiced commercial interior design for corporate offices, sports venues and health care institutions.

While working at a Kansas City firm that designed sports facilities, Lamb joined some co-workers in renting studio space in 2000 and began painting still lifes. She also taught design and graphics at Kansas State University, University of Minnesota, University of North Texas and most recently at the Art Institute of Raleigh Durham.

A Chapel Hill, N.C., resident since 2002, Lamb worked temporarily for a Bermuda design firm in 2006. New friends on the island encouraged Mary to exhibit her paintings at the two leading venues there, the Bermuda Arts Centre and the Bermuda Society of the Arts, where her work was warmly received by critics and the public. Lamb also joined the Bermuda plein air group and broadened her oeuvre to include landscape painting, a completely different challenge and one that remains demanding.

Following a one-woman show at the Horace Williams House in Chapel Hill in 2010, Lamb joined the Franklin Street Arts Collective (FRANK) when the gallery opened in Chapel Hill. She continues there as an exhibitor and performs volunteer work on gallery committees. Her work focuses mostly on small-scale hyper-realistic still lifes executed in oil glazes.

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