Meet the Artist: Andria Linn

Cows & Sponsors

Number of cows created:

  • Birtha, sponsored by The People

About Andria

Andria Linn is the proud artist behind the creation of Birtha, sponsored by The People for CowParade North Carolina.” align=

Andria Linn is a Durham-based artist in the medium of paint. She works full-time from her home-based studio in Durham, N.C., and is a mother of one. Constantly experiencing new challenges with her art, she aims to bring a refreshing and joyful experience to her audience.

The CowParade NC sponsorship for Linn’s cow creation, Birtha, was completely funded by donations raised by the artist through 64 “Birtha backers.” This makes Birtha the first cow in CowParade history to be sponsored by a group of individuals rather than a company or organization.

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