Meet Binary BovineBinary Bovine, created by Heather Gordon and sponsored by Johnson Lexus of Durham for CowParade North Carolina.


Heather Gordon


Johnson Lexus of Durham

Artist Description of Cow

Binary Bovine’s design is a visualization of a cow’s moo. An audio file was converted to binary and plotted on the circular design. Ones are black, zeroes are white. To hear the cow’s moo, use your smartphone to read the QR code on the cow’s face.

Current Grazing Location

Research Triangle Park Headquarters
12 Davis Drive, RTP, NC
(Located in the lobby of the building)

Original CowParade NC Herd & Location

Cows in Outlying Pastures, Durham
Johnson Lexus of Durham
1013 Southpoint Autopark Boulevard, Durham, NC

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One Response to Meet Binary Bovine

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    You must take your smart phone UPC scanner and use it on this one. A great surprise that made us all laugh. :D