Meet BirthaBirtha, created by Andria Linn and sponsored by “The People” for CowParade North Carolina.


Andria Linn


The People

Artist Description of Cow

Designed from an original painting by Andria Linn entitled “Welcome To This World,” Birtha is about life, love, rebirth and giving.

Birtha is wrapped in flowers that have “spirits” bursting out in an array of colors and energy. There are cocoons entwined in life branches of cherry blossoms that symbolize newness and expectation for what life’s challenges bring us. The overall representation Birtha brings us is refreshment and joy for life.

This cow’s sponsorship was completely funded by donations raised by the artists through 64 “Birtha backers.” This makes her the first cow in CowParade history to be sponsored by a group of individuals rather than a company or organization.

Herd & Location

Durham, American Tobacco Campus
280 S. Mangum Street, Durham, NC
(in the circle shaped courtyard w/ fountain and benches)

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3 Responses to Meet Birtha

  1. Jamie Hagenberger says:

    I LOVE Birtha! In my opinion, she takes first prize for being the only cow that tapped the power of the people. And on top of that she manages to be bursting with design without being gaudy and I can’t stop looking at her!

  2. Julie Jarvis says:

    Birtha is a very lovely cow. One of my favorites so far.

  3. Jude Liemburg says:

    First prize of all the cows out there! What is Birtha beautiful