Meet Bovine in Black and WhiteBovine in Black and White, created by Hilary Clement and sponsored by CowParade North Carolina for CowParade North Carolina.


Hilary Clement


CowParade North Carolina

Artist Description of Cow

Black vines elegantly wrapping around a white cow, this design was inspired by china figurines.

Herd & Location

Bovine in Black and White is currently undergoing repairs at Golden Belt.

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8 Responses to Meet Bovine in Black and White

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    This is a nice design. But be aware if you are using the app to find it, it is out i front of the Well Fargo building on Fayetteville Street (not where is is showing on the map).

    • cowftp says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Julie! We’ll alert the app creators at Blue Pane Studio to make sure the apps are updated as appropriate.

  2. Jackie says:

    I was at the Wells Fargo on Thursday and it was not there. Has it been moved?

  3. Charles says:


    My family has ‘captured’ every cow on the 2012 parade with the exception of Bovine in Black and White!

    Please give us a clue as to where we can find her so that we can complete the collection before the Dec deadline!

    (We’ve been all over 150 Fayetteville St… We’ve enquired within the bank… She’s been Mooooooved I tells yah! Moooooved! (*SMILE*))


  4. Charles Shorb says:


    Meet Bovine in Black and White is our last cow to visit!
    It appears that she has been MOOOOOOved!

    Anyone with insight as to where she can be found?


    • Hassan says:

      Great! So quirky and a pefcert transformation of cows into that funny, loveable companion you always wanted them to be. I’m in Wisconsin, and my office just had this Wisconsin themed open house, which meant we did a lot of cow stuff for it. My department, graphics (4 GDs) found out that Wisconsin, mixed up, spells cows in sin, so we made cow posters for the seven deadly sins. It was quite the hit. It’s always fun personifying lust, pride, greed, envy, sloth, wrath and gluttony. Perhaps an idea for a sticky-note project?keep up the good work.

      • Solitario says:

        I agree with Julie this is one cow you really suhlod spot! Pardon the pun I couldn’t resist. I was in Raleigh for the NC Community Colleges System Conference and after the meetings on Sunday, October 7, went for a walk toward the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium and found both this cow and Grace’s Cow as well as those cows up and down Fayetteville Street. This after visiting with friends on August 26 and seeing the cow’s at UNC Campus and Tobacco Campus this was awesome. Sure wish Jacksonville could come up with something like this. The Outer Banks did something similar years ago with Winged Horses. Love it!!!!!!

  5. cowftp says:

    Hi Cow Hunters. Y’all are right, the Bovine in Black and White has been mooooooved from her location on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh.

    The CowParade NC communications team just found out that Bovine in Black and White was damaged beyond quick repair last week and has been taken back to Golden Belt in Durham to be fixed. She will likely be at Golden Belt’s Cow Hospital for the duration of the Parade. We are sorry we weren’t able to communicate this to you all earlier.