Meet Which Blue Do You Moo?Which Blue Do You Moo?, created by JoAnne Goodwyn and sponsored by KeySource Bank /Bank of North Carolina for CowParade North Carolina.


JoAnne Goodwyn


KeySource Bank / Bank of North Carolina

Artist Description of Cow

This blue cow is divided into two sides. One side is Carolina Blue with a ram holding a sign asking “Which Shade of Blue Are You?” The other side is painted Duke Blue with a devil holding the same sign. The cow is divided by the Tobacco Road, one of several great things for which this area is known, ensuring the blues never touch.

This is the current marketing campaign for KeySource Bank’s Blue Savings Account, which they use to raise money for the children’s hospitals at Duke and UNC. Over the past two years, KeySource has donated $55K+ to these two local hospitals.

Herd & Location

Durham, American Tobacco Campus
American Tobacco Campus
280 S. Mangum Street, Durham, NC
(circle shaped courtyard w/ fountain and benches)

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