Meet CowBotCowBot, created by Liberty Arts and sponsored by Morgan Imports for CowParade North Carolina.


Mike Waller, Michael X. Lupa, Elijah Leed and Jackie MacLeod of Liberty Arts


Morgan Imports


Artist Description of Cow

Covering the cow in reclaimed sheet metal from the surrounding Durham tobacco legacy, the artists’ intent was to create the mosaic of Durham history.

These pieces of metal not only have a great visual content with their rich, weathered patina, there is also the historical element of the material that become important. Each piece of metal is riveted to the surface of the cow, incorporated into a woven pattern with newer metal to create a basket-type pattern.


Herd & Location

Cows in Outlying Pastures, Durham
Morgan Imports
113 S. Gregson Street, Durham, NC

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2 Responses to Meet the CowBot

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    As of 9/30 this cow is in place on the back porch of Morgan Imports (even though note above says it pending delivery). It is an interesting cow that obviously had a lot of work put into it.

    But while you are visiting the cow, look through the window and then go inside Morgan Imports and you will find a collection of miniature versions cows from other parades from around the world. They have them from places such as NY, Austin, Houston, Kansas City, Mexico City, Istanbul, Costa Rica, Rio, Stockholm and others. There are some that are very artistic and others that are very humorous. I purchased the one from Costa Rica that has chess pieces on it called Final Move. It will make a great conversation piece (I posted a picture of it on the CowParade North Carolina Facebook page).

    I wonder which cows from our parade they will make miniatures of? :D

    • cowftp says:

      Thanks for the alert, Julie. CowBot has indeed arrived at her grazing ground on the back porch of Morgan Imports! And we’re glad you found the figurines of replica cows from other CowParade events around the world inside Morgan Imports. We can’t wait to find out which of the CowParade NC will receive the honor of being replicated in miniature!