Meet EagleletteEaglelette, created by Quintin Neal and sponsored by Ann and Ron Wooten for CowParade North Carolina.


Quintin Neal


Ann and Ron Wooten

Artist Description of Cow

Creating a design that would represent my alma mater of North Carolina Central University was a great honor as an artist and a student. Having the opportunity to be a part of the CowParade means so much to me and extending my abilities as an artist on a 3-D scale.

The design for Eaglelette is very angular. I incorporated a logo from NC Central University on each side of the cow and worked with blending colors, shapes, and lettering in my design. The cow colors are appropriately maroon, gray, white, and black.

You can find Eaglette grazing soon at…

N.C. Central University
(Location TBD)

Original CowParade NC Herd & Location

Durham, American Tobacco Campus
American Tobacco Campus
318 Blackwell Street, Durham, NC
(main tobacco walkway)

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One Response to Meet Eaglelette

  1. Pat terKuile says:

    I love that so many universities are represented in this effort. I know those cows wearing f school colors think it’s cowtastic! This particular cow has a grand design!