Meet Gratitude CowGratitude Cow, created by Grace Li Wang and sponsored by CowParade North Carolina.


Grace Li Wang


CowParade North Carolina

Artist Description of Cow

The “Gratitude Cow” theme depicts the continuity and the interconnectedness of the sky, land and sea, in Grace’s signature style: the “Radiance” of the Sun and Nature.

Herd & Location

Durham, Golden Belt
Golden Belt
807 E. Main Street, Durham, NC
(in the back lot)

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5 Responses to Meet Gratitude Cow

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    On 9/30, this cow was actually inside the building next to the Moo Hydrangeas cow (the building has a banner on it that says it is the home of the Cow Parade).

    • Hi Folks,
      Pls check out my updated website –
      It has my CowParade Media links – including the Chinese media coverage~

      Julie – Thanks for your posting above.
      On Oct. 4, 2012, the message below is from Kelly, of the CowParade office:
      “Your cow is inside the studio right now waiting for the hoof brackets to be installed so she can return outside to her location at Goldenbelt. We are trying to get this done as soon as possible, and I will let you know once the cow is back outside.”

  2. Grace’s “Gratitude Cow” is now out on the Pasture – on display at the Golden Belt parking lot – Durham, NC, thru Dec. 7, 2012. Golden Belt is at 807 East Main Street – Durham, NC 27701. Park at Visitors Lot, enter and walk thru the lobby to the large lot – Cow is in the Island. Enjoy~

  3. Melissa Moore says:

    Gratitude Cow is wonderful! She lifts one’s spirits. I’m so glad we have photos of her to keep.