Meet How NowHow Now, created by Burritt


Burritt “Bucky” Benson and John Luster


CowParade North Carolina


The Robesonian: ‘Til the cows come home

Artist Description of Cow

We just wanted to do something fun to help out the kids and something that would let everyone’s imaginations soar. Small patterns form animals and faces and decorate How Now’s hide.

Current Grazing Location

North Carolina Zoo

Original CowParade NC Herd & Location

UNC-Chapel Hill / Franklin Street
Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
101 S. Columbia Street, Chapel Hill, NC

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3 Responses to Meet How Now

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    This cow really impressed me in person. The amount of detail in the art work was amazing and there is something new everywhere you look on the cow. Check out the back of his ears if you go to see him (which is worth the trip!)

  2. Pat terKuile says:

    How Now (a somewhat brown cow…) wears her animal friends well!

    • Mareike says:

      We keep talking about griabbng the kids one day and just going for a ride all over the place on the bus line. Got to say, it does make Chapel Hill a great place.