Meet Moo HydrangeasMoo Hydrangeas, created by Leslie Salzillo and sponsored by Wells Fargo for CowParade North Carolina.


Leslie Salzillo


Wells Fargo

Artist Description of Cow

Overlapping each other, on a kitchen table, in a big empty jelly jar, hydrangea blossoms are like a shot of happy to me. They remind me of childhood summertime fun. I love painting them, so I was very moo-ved when my cow, Moo Hydrangeas, was chosen for CowParade NC.

Herd & Location

Durham, Golden Belt
Golden Belt
807 E. Main Street, Durham, NC

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3 Responses to Meet Moo Hydrangeas

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    This cow is very lovely. It is just too bad one side is pushed up against the bushes so you can’t see both sides.

    • Deneen Mercado says:

      I agree! This is my favorite cow of them all and I was disappointed I was not able too see its beauty from every angle.

  2. Pat terKuile says:

    There’s nothing like pressing your face into a big bunch of hydrangeas and Moo Hydrangeas epitomizes that feeling.