Meet La CatrinaLa Catrina, created by Jenn Hales and sponsored by Howard Merrell and Partners for CowParade North Carolina.


Jenn Hales


Howard Merrell and Partners

Artist Description of Cow

La Catrina is inspired by the Latin celebration, Day of the Dead, covered in bones and flowers.

Herd & Location

Raleigh, North Hills
North Hills Mall
4150 Main at North Hills Street, Raleigh, NC
(end of Main at North Hills, across from JCPenney)


Merrell Group – La Catrina Part 1
Merrell Group – La Catrina Part 2

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2 Responses to Meet La Catrina

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    This is one impressive cow! It is at the top of my list of favorites and incredibly well done. My compliments to the artist.

  2. Pat terKuile says:

    This is one great heifer! Hope you don’t mind my also thinking she has a certain Halloween flair, too!