Meet Lady Carolina BlooLady Carolina Bloo, created by Paula MacLeod and sponsored by UNC Health Care/Rex Healthcare for CowParade North Carolina.


Paula MacLeod


UNC Health Care/Rex Healthcare

Artist Description of Cow

This is a “moo-saic” cow made for N.C. Children’s Hospital using materials donated from Vietri ceramics. It features iconic UNC symbols and colors.

Herd & Location

UNC-Chapel Hill / Franklin Street
Carolina Inn
211 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC

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3 Responses to Meet Lady Carolina Bloo

  1. Faye Brandon says:

    She is simply beautiful, amazingly beautiful, and the picture cannot capture her true beauty. Beautiful workmanship.

  2. cowftp says:

    Paula spent 160+ hours creating this “moo-saic” cow. And because Lady Carolina Bloo is adorned with shards of Vietri pottery, she weighs more than 400 lbs. WITHOUT her concrete base!

  3. cowftp says:

    Hi Cow Hunters. We just got word that Lady Carolina Bloo has been moved to the sidewalk of the Carolina Inn due to some landscaping projects. When facing the hotel, she is on the right hand side of the building.