Meet The St. Augustine MonsterThe St. Augustine Monster, created by Jamie Wolcott and sponsored by Quick Moves for CowParade North Carolina.


Jamie Wolcott


Quick Moves

Artist Description of Cow

In 1896, a giant octopus washed up on shore in St. Augustine Florida. The remains of the octopus measured nearly 42 feet in length and weighed 5 tons. They called it the St. Augustine Monster.

As an illustrator, I have always drawn inspiration from the masters the Golden Age of Illustration. Artists like Howard Pyle, NC Wyeth and Arthur Rackham all produced thrilling images of adventures on the high seas. I used this cow to pay homage to these brilliant storytellers with my own illustrative adventure.

Here, the St. Augustine Monster rises from the waves, taking hold of a hapless schooner, dragging it into the briny deep.

Herd & Location

UNC-Chapel Hill / Franklin Street
Ackland Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
101 South Columbia Street, Chapel Hill, NC

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One Response to Meet the St. Augustine Monster

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    This cow deserves a kudo to the artist. It is quite well done and creative.