Meet Moo-scular CowMoo-scular Cow, created by Gabby Seider and sponsored by CowParade North Carolina.


Gabby Seider


CowParade North Carolina

Artist Description of Cow

Many people around the world, including myself, respect the cow not only for its milk but also for its ability to plow the land with its powerful muscles. Folklore tells us that the cow that gives so much but asks for nothing symbolizes the earth. It is only appropriate that Moo-scular Cow is a tribute to the cows’ graceful strength.

Herd & Location

Durham, Golden Belt
Golden Belt
807 E. Main Street, Durham, NC
(in the back lot)

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One Response to Meet Moo-cular Cow

  1. Pat terKuile says:

    And you can see Heaven in their lovely gentle eyes…