Meet Moo-vie BuffMoo-vie Buff, created by Jennifer Ambrose and sponsored by Wells Fargo for CowParade North Carolina.


Jennifer Ambrose


Wells Fargo

Artist Description of Cow

Moo-vie Buff was inspired by my love of movies and more so from my fascination with the vintage Hollywood era and all it encompassed: old movie classics, legendary (or should I say legen-DAIRY?) movie stars and icons, glamorous fashion and sparkly nostalgia!

Moo-vie Buff has a silver base color and is covered with black and white film strips, each adorned with a famous movie star, action shot, or classic movie-related image.
Current Grazing Location

Marbles Kids Museum
201 East Hargett Street, Raleigh, NC
(In the lobby of the Wells Fargo IMAX Theater)

Original CowParade NC Herd & Location

Raleigh, North Hills
North Hills Mall
4150 Main at North Hills Street, Raleigh, NC

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4 Responses to Meet Moo-vie Buff

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    I LOVE this cow and am so glad it came back so I could see him!

  2. Pat terKuile says:

    VERY clever and well executed!