Meet North Cowalina State WoofNorth Cowalina State Woof, created by Mary Stone Lamb and sponsored by Wells Fargo for CowParade North Carolina.


Mary Stone Lamb


Wells Fargo

Artist Description of Cow

The North Cowalina State University Woof mirrors his hero, Mr. Wuf, by wearing a red turtleneck sweater. However, in place of Mr. Wuf’s jaunty cap, Woof dons a mortar board to show his academic bent.

In the transition from cow to wolf, the cow’s horns were removed and a bushy tail added, the hooves were traded for hairy paws and the ears transplanted. Bondo, fiberglass, metal mesh and fiberglass resin were used to shape the tail. The paws were modeled in clay and a then a mold was made of them. Reinforced Bondo was used to cast the paws and also to attach the paws to the legs. Bondo and fiberglass were chosen because of their versatility and durability.

Herd & Location

Cows in Outlying Pastures, Raleigh
Wells Fargo Bank @ Hillsborough Street
2600 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC

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One Response to Meet North Cowalina State Woof

  1. Julie Jarvis says:

    I am a NC State graduate and I LOVED this. It was a very clever take on the art and they obviously put some work into the transformation. Nice job.