Meet Poppy CowPoppy Cow, created by Leslie Salzillo and sponsored by CowParade North Carolina.


Leslie Salzillo


CowParade North Carolina

Artist Description of Cow

“Poppies will make them sleep!” goes the Wizard of Oz movie line, said with just the right witchy inflections. This rings in my ears whenever I see poppies, though I didn’t get much sleep once I began my cow.

Trying to capture their sheer delicate petals, engulfed in rich shades of velvet red, was not an easy task for me. The fun began once I moo-ved into the project and realized Poppy Cow was clearly “outstanding in her field.”

Herd & Location

UNC-Chapel Hill / Franklin Street
Campus Y at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
180A E. Cameron Ave., Chapel Hill, NC

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7 Responses to Meet Poppy Cow

  1. Pat terKuile says:

    A wonderful melding of two grand bits of fancy!

  2. ‘There you might find my heart, in green fields of red flowers.” ~LSalzillo

    I loved painting Poppy Cow and became quite attached. It happens sometimes – she’s quite huggable. I’ve always loved poppies. A field of these lovely red flowers has to be one of God’s most precious gifts to behold. Poppies have often been used as a symbol of remembrance for those who gave their lives for their country. In other societies poppies represent peace, beauty and rest.

    In effort to see Poppy Cow find the best home, I’d like to offer the auction winner, my time to ensure she is in polished condition before her mooove’. Or if the buyer lives locally, and prefers, I will come out to make sure she is ‘udderly lovely’ after her mooove.

    Either way, no matter where she goes, I can smile knowing Miss Poppy Cow will always be ‘outstanding in her field’.

    Leslie Salzillo

    Current Exhibits:
    Duke University’s Center For Advanced Hindsight: ’50 Portraits of UnSung Heroes’ – Durham, NC
    VAE Visual Art Exchange – Featured Exchange Artist – Raleigh, NC
    VAE – Open Source Exhibit – Raleigh, NC

    Recent Exhibits
    Community Gallery – ‘Community Matters’ – Historic Old Hickory Village, TN
    Community Color: First Annual Fundraiser for The Carrack Modern Art, – Durham, NC
    (Also the artist of NC CowParade’s, ‘Moo Hydrangea’)

    • Mary Kay Leigh says:

      Hi Leslie,
      I’d like to get in touch… as the new owner of Poppy Cow I am intersted in your work as well as you visiting Poppy in her new home. We’d like to know what kind of sealer was put on Poppy – so we can reapply as necessary.

      How can I get in touch with you?

      Mary Kay

  3. Hello,

    I’ve tried to leave two comments, and after posting, they do not appear here. I’m curious, is anyone seeing them or is there a glitch?


    Leslie Salzillo

  4. cowftp says:

    Hey Leslie,

    For some reason your earlier posts went automatically to the Spam folder so we had to move them out. Not sure why that happened but sorry about that!

  5. Mary Kay Leigh says:

    Hi Leslie,
    I won Poppy Cow at the auction on my birthday! I got her home yesterday and she is in our garage until we can install her in the backyard. I’d love to get in touch with you about Poppy as well as your other work. How can we connect? I don’t have facebook.

    Mary Kay