Meet the Artist: Quintin Neal

Cows & Sponsors

Number of cows created: 1

About Quintin Neal

Quintin Neal is the proud artist behind the creation of Eaglelette, sponsored by Ann and Ron Wooten for CowParade North Carolina.” align=

Quintin Neal was born in Greensboro, N.C. His passion and love of art has grown with him from painting in pre-school to being an artist with a love for color, designing, painting and working with children in the field of art. His artwork ranges from abstracts, portraits, and still life paintings. He also has a passion for interior design, photography, and sculpture.

Neal attends North Carolina Central University where he majors in art and design with a concentration in painting. He wants to go into education and eventually receive his MFA. While educating other artist, he aspires to one day have his own studio and produce more art.

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