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About Grace Li Wang

Grace Li Wang is the proud artist behind the creation of Gratitude Cow, sponsored by CowParade North Carolina.” align=

Grace Li Wang is an artist renowned for her ability to capture the radiance of nature in exuberant expressionist and moody impressionistic works. She wants her art to energize and enrich the spirit in each of us. Her vibrant colors and graphic forms infuse a sense of radiant vitality in an imaginative and captivating world.

Grace was born in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, in 1953. She arrived in the United States in 1964. Grace graduated from the School of Design at the North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree in 1974. She participates in numerous international, national, and regional design conferences as seminar panelist and jurist. After many years of working in the Art and Design Director capacity for major corporations, Grace became the gallery director for The Grace Li Wang Art Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Art with a Touch of Grace: Grace’s work has been widely exhibited and collected, regionally and internationally. She is the recipient of numerous international art and design awards, including the Designers Choice Awards from the International Design Publications, the Distinguished Art and Design Graphics Awards from the International Society for Technical Communications, among dozens of other art and design awards.

In 2011, Grace was the designated Signature Artist for the Lazy Daze Arts Festival in Cary, NC. That festival was profiled by the Sunshine Artist magazine as the highest ranking one-day arts festival in the US. She was also the Signature Artist for the StepN2theArtZ Festival in Roxboro, NC. She is active with her arts endeavors, including art licensing work and her work is shown at art galleries regionally and internationally.

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