3 Facts about the CowParade that You Probably Didn’t Know

As the largest and most successful public art exhibit in the world, the CowParade event has been staged all over the globe for almost 20 years running. A small art event that started in Switzerland has swiftly made its way to London, Mexico, Taipei, Hong Kong, and more. But what do you really know about the CowParade? Let’s find out more below.

Here are facts about the CowParade that you probably didn’t know.

The CowParade has made over 5,000 cows

With over 10,000 artists involved in the art exhibit, it is no wonder why we’ve seen as many as 5,000 uniquely created cows to date. In fact, you will find cows painted from artists of all backgrounds, ages, and expert levels. With both professional and amateur, you will find young emerging artists hand-in-hand with famous seniors working to create beautiful pieces.

Cows are Universal

As a commonly asked question, cos are a universally loved animal as they represent different meanings to different countries around the world. Cows are also sacred, historical and even has been said to connect us to our past. Cows are truly magical animals and work even better as a canvas for art.

As a canvas, cows provide flexibility, form, and drama with subtle, yet refined angles to create beauty from a simple canvas. The basic form of the cow allows artists to alter, morph, and transform them into complete opposite objects. In fact, out of the 5,000 said cows there are no two cows alike.

Who contributes to the CowParade?

Generally, the cows of the CowParade are painted by local artists that range from amateur levels to professional designers. The artists who are interested in taking part of the event will go through an open call process which targets artists, TV ads, newspapers, and more to organize with the local arts. The event even offers a portfolio where submissions are selected by event sponsors.

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EA: How the Cow Parade Made Its Way Through North Carolina

With a mission to benefit the children of North Carolina, the Cow Parade stampeded its way into the state leaving marks on hearts everywhere in its track. As the largest public art exhibit in the world, the Cow Parade set off the event featuring life-sized cows made out of fiberglass and completed by local artists.

Want to find out how the largest public art exhibit made an impact on the state? Here’s how the Cow Parade made its way through North Carolina.

Over eighty Artistic Cows on Display

Cows were all put to creative use as you would find a cow covered in hearts, while another incorporated the number 50 in honor of their age. As one of the most artistic cows in the parade, one cow was given fiberglass wings and a variety of glass baubles and beads.

Artists Embraced the Beauty of the Cow

Artists all over North Carolina took the opportunity to use their artistic talents and express the beauty of their state and give their take to create these visual stories. The Cow Parade gave artists the freedom to share the fun and touching moments to tell a story that may not have been heard otherwise. As both amateur and professional artists from the region transform the fiberglass cows, it was a sight to see with all the many works of art representing North Carolina.

Battle for Cattle Auction

As the event came to a closing, the battle of the auction held over 80cows to be auctioned off as many were sold off as much as $4,000 each at the Triangle. With over 500,000 visitors, the cows were displayed along the streets, parks, storefronts, and just about every public area to be used as a free museum of cows.

Cows that are not sold at the live auction were then sold online after the gala where all proceeds were given to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

Cow Displays had a Meaning

If you take a closer look at the cows, you might notice just how meaningful each cow was made. One cow named Hope was painted by Teresa Howard who embraced the pink ribbons and had breast cancer survivors’ sign or in memory of their loved ones. The cow was sponsored by Rex health care and eventually made its home in one of their locations.

Cows for Charity

The mission was to auction off each cow to raise funds for charity. For the Cow Parade North Carolina, the beneficiary was the N.C. Children’s Hospital, which housed 150 pediatric patients as well as over 25 outpatient clinics throughout the state in 2012. Hundreds of local and corporate sponsors took part in supporting the Cow Parade, enabling it to raise the funds for the charities. Some of the local donors were Tarheel Electric,  Raleigh Commercial Construction, Windowcleaningconejovalley.com , as well as many others. We list all Cow Parade sponsors in the about us section.

As the NC children’s hospital was the beneficiary of the event, the faculty offers complete patient care with over 100 sub specialists that work hand-in-hand with other hospitals in the community and across the state.

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