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As the largest public art event in the world, CowParade in North Carolina gains the support of the local community to raise funds for charities in the state of North Carolina.

CowParade North Carolina brings dozens of bright-colored, life-sized cows to life and displayed throughout the state. Cows provide an engaging exhibit that stimulates the visitors in all districts to be set against the rural and urban backdrops.

CowParade NC is accepting applications from artists who wish to participate and paint their cows. All cow submissions are designed and created by local artists in the community. The cows are also sponsored by local business and organizations for the benefit of local charity organizations when auctioned.

As an open call to artists, we invite all artists to share their work. As the perfect art canvas, there is no other object or animal that provides the flexibility, form, and unique opportunities. The event offers three shapes for artists to choose from, which includes the standing, reclining, and grazing position. The basic cow form has already been said to have over 2,500 cows created around the world.


All cows are manufactured with class ll Fire retardant laminating resin and fiberglass. Each cow will arrive with a coat of primer provided by the manufacturer.

Coating & Weather

Designed cows will be placed in public areas that are fully accessible to visitors. Please consider the design to withstand the elements of nature.

For more information about the submission process, feel free to call us today!