Have you “HERD” the “MOOS”?

CowParade North Carolina 2012 promises to attract a half-million visitors to the Triangle, while contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of local artists and N.C. Children’s Hospital. For media inquiries, please contact Danielle Bates at (919) 843-9714.

Battle for the Cattle Auction and Gala

Press Releases and Media Coverage:

Call to Artists:

CowParade Roundup Announcement:

CowParade Roundup Coverage:

Cow Vandalism – Alexander Moo-lian Bow-vine:

Cow Vandalism – House Cow:

Cow Theft – The Cow is Greener on the Other Side:

Auction and End of Event Press

Late Bloomer

Cows in Forever Homes

Those unable to attend the June 9th press conference kicking off CowParade North Carolina 2012, the following documents from the press packet may be of interest:



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